Sermon Songs is a series that features the teachings of Pastors Creflo and Taffi Dollar set to anointed music in order to capture the essence of each sermon. Sermon Songs is a distinct segment of select teachings. These recordings provide a unique experience for the listener to help empower their spiritual walk with Christ.

Sermon Songs Vol. 3

Fear is a enemy that people need to be delivered from in order to live a life of freedom. This third installment of the popular Sermon Songs series uses an heightened level of anointing praise and worship music combined with the Word of God to minister freedom to people who have been held in bondage by fear. Worship is a secret weapon that dispels fear and will take you to a higher level than ever before. This CD also includes a special bonus DVD full of behind the scenes extras and a special inspiring word from Creflo Dollar.

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Sermon Songs Vol. 2

In this much-anticipated second volume of Sermon Songs, be prepared for an even greater worship experience, as Creflo Dollar’s inspiring teaching is once again combined with anointed music. This new art form is gaining momentum, so prepare to be blessed as you’re empowered by some of the most revolutionary teaching and worship in Sermon Songs Volume 2: God’s Love. Allow this music to minister God’s love to you and propel you further than you’ve ever been before.

Sermon Songs Vol. 1

Prepare for a one of a kind musical experience! We are pleased to present a unique music art form presented by Creflo Dollar Music. Experience the all new Sermon: Spiritually Empowering Recorded Music Over Niche Sermons featuring the powerful word of God through songs from Creflo Dollar with music and lyrics by Sam Collier. Order this inspiring CD today and enjoy empowering worship songs such as GRACE, DREAMS and NEVER GO BACK. Get your copy of this powerful CD and experience worship in a whole new way!